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I believe that all people should have the opportunity to achieve their personal and professional goals.

My focus is on helping my clients overcome the barrier of language though providing highest quality English language services.

I specialize in preparing future students for the TOEFL test and offer a variety of other language services, ranging from teaching business English and copy editing to translation. Get in touch and let me help you achieve your goals!

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About Me


Hello and welcome!

I am Stefan, I’m an online and offline English language teacher based in Belgrade, Serbia.  I have been helping students from all walks of life achieve their English language goals since 2013. I believe that perfecting the English language can make a huge impact in your personal and professional life.

I specialize in preparing students for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. Having completed my MSc. degree at Lund University in Sweden, I understand well the stress surrounding preparation of TOEFL before moving abroad. I will share with you my hints, tricks and experience on how to successfully complete this challenge. For others, I offer copy editing, translation and business English services.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or have any other ideas how I could help you or your business. I look forward to working with you.


Preparation for TOEFL


TOEFL test is not a test of how well you know English, it is a test of how well you know TOEFL.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities. It is accepted by most academic institutions globally, including the top universities in the world.

The TOEFL test is a barrier that stands between you and your future dream university. It tests for specific language skills used in the academic environment which can differ to a great extent from what we consider ordinary, every day English.

Knowing what to expect in an unfamiliar environment is the first step to success. A well-structured, detailed and comprehensive preparation will go far in helping you get the tools and skills you need to overcome this challenge and move on with your life.


Improving your skills

Everything can be learned – and TOEFL skills are no exception.


Successful preparation for the TOEFL test consists of building up your core strengths and working on your weaknesses in order to be ready for both the test and the academic life that awaits you tomorrow.

The 4-hour long test consists of four different sections – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. A successful preparation will take you through each of these sections, taking care to teach you the essential skills and ways of looking at problems so that you may solve them successfully.

You will learn how to structure your answers, what details to pay attention to, how to practice on your own at home, how to take smart notes, how to improve your essay writing, among other skills. You will also learn tricks and tips I have learned over the years to give you that extra edge you need to get the score you desire.

The lessons

Every lessons is tailored for you specifically, according to your abilities and goals.

The lessons are structured in a 90-minute format, with each one taking you through one or more test sections. All lessons are tailored towards your personal and academic goals  and take into account your strengths and weaknesses, with the ultimate goal being that the you become more than capable of tackling all four sections of the test.

The lessons are either held in person in Belgrade or online through Skype. I usually work with individuals, but groups of up to three people are welcome as well. I am more than happy to say over 90% of my former students have achieved their goals and have been admitted to their preferred university program, based on their TOEFL results.

Feel free to get in touch and book your lesson or ask me any question you might have by clicking here. Looking forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Other Services

Business English

Proficiency in English has become mandatory in order to communicate effectively in an increasingly global business environment. I adopted an objective-centered and holistic approach to teaching that focuses on improving client’s vocabulary, fluency, grammatical structure and conversational English skills.

In addition, I focus on professional needs of the client and work on developing practical skills such as writing emails and reports, creating presentations, conducting negotiations, participating in conferences, among others. I look forward to helping you bring your business English to the next level!




Copy editing and Proofreading

Copy editing services
I will take a detailed look at your work and check that all headings, quotation, tables, figures and captions are consistent throughout the text. Furthermore, I will look for style inconsistencies, as well as inconsistencies in facts, names and logic.

Proofreading services
Word-perfect work is a crucial component of business and communication, regardless of what you do. I can help make sure your work is free of all inconsistencies in format, font, and spacing. In addition, I will correct all punctuation errors, typographical and spelling mistakes. A tidy document is a good document.




Translation services

Document translation
I offer translation services for a variety of different document types including business plans, prospectuses, resumes, income statements, certificates, articles, among others. The languages I work in are Serbian and English.

Website localization
I can also provide assistance with translation of your website from Serbian to English or English to Serbian. I possess the cultural and linguistic know-how and technical skills, including most content management systems, to handle nearly any project you can come up with.

Translation project estimates are always FREE.





Student Experiences

Despite my high proficiency and years of living in an English-speaking country, I doubt I would achieve the high results I had without taking classes with Stefan. The classes always went very well and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Branko high-scored with 104 after only a few classes, with an amazing 28 in Speaking and 26 in Listening!

Branko, 23, Architecture student

Even though I speak English rather well, I felt stressed about taking my TOEFL exam. I reached out to Stefan to help me achieve the best results possible. We quickly realized that there is room for improvement in the writing and speaking, and spent most of the classes focusing on those sections. He helped me gain confidence while speaking, taught me to better formulate my answers and gave me important writing strategies. Stefan is a very positive person, a skilled teacher and a vital part of my TOEFL success story. My TOEFL score was 109 – Writing 25, Speaking 24, Reading and Listening 30 Thanks Stefan!

Ema, 24, Economics graduate


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