I asked several of my former students to share their thoughts about learning English or preparing for TOEFL with me. You can read about their experiences here:

Hristina, 25, Law graduate


“After only few classes with Stefan I was ready for TOEFL more than I even knew! With mutual work we have located my difficulties and weaknesses, worked on them and obtained great result. It may sound weird, but after every class, I was feeling smarter Besides, I cannot disregard that I was actually having fun all the time, because with Stefan as a teacher you may never get bored. He is the best.”
Hristina landed her dream MA in Switzerland, scoring 97 in TOEFL after 8 classes with 28 in Listening and 26 in Speaking.

Marija, 22, Journalism student


“In 10 classes, from the person with narrow vocabulary who was afraid to speak I became able to study in English. Now, on the end of my one-year exchange at Masaryk University, in Brno, Czech Republic I’m gaining very high marks – and all the lessons are in English! Thank you, Stefan”
Marija successfully completed TOEFL exam and went to study abroad via Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

Ema, 24, Economics graduate


“Even though I speak English rather well, I felt stressed about taking my TOEFL exam. I reached out to Stefan to help me achieve the best results possible. We quickly realized that there is room for improvement in the writing and speaking, and spent most of the classes focusing on those sections. He helped me gain confidence while speaking, taught me to better formulate my answers and gave me important writing strategies. Stefan is a very positive person, a skilled teacher and a vital part of my TOEFL success story. Thanks Stefan! TOEFL score” Writing 25, Speaking 24, Reading and Listening 30 – 109

Renata, 28, PhD docent in Economics


“At the very beginning of my preparation for TOEFL exam I felt much stressed and suspicious about attaining desirable score. At the same time I worked and had to focus on both practicing for GRE test. However, I was very lucky to find out Stefan and since the first lecture with him my confidence has extremely improved. I knew that there are only two things that I just had to do in order to pass-BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DO WHATEVER STEFAN SAID YOU SHOULD DO! Thank you very much Stefan! TOEFL score: Writing 22, Speaking 22, Listening 23, Reading – 27 – 94”

Jovan, 23, Accounting graduate


“Beside excellent teaching, Stefan also inspires in positive way. He encouraged me to prepare TOEFL in just a few weeks. In spite of his age he I think that he has a lot of experience with students preparing TOEFL exam. He is very concise teacher, and he tells exactly what you need to hear to prepare for TOEFL exam. He was well prepared for each class with me, and provided me with very useful materials and advice for TOEFL.”

Jovan successfully passed the paper-based TOEFL test scoring 583/677 bringing him closer to his academic goals to study abroad.

Zoran, 32, Armed forces


“English was not my first language in high school and I have always strived to achieve higher levels of knowledge through self-study or individual lessons and courses. Stefan’s approach to English classes is a modern, creative and very professional. Helped me a lot in new words adopting and conversational skills improving. His devotion both to my TOEFL / STANAG examination preparation was extraordinary.  I can highly recommend Stefan without reservation”

Dejana, 22, Journalist


“I first started taking classes in order to improve my speaking. I wanted to extend my vocabulary. And I did. Stefan is very devoted to his work. The classes were always interesting and hopeful. Every homework was a great way to learn and find out some new things. My favorite part was reading short stories and summarizing and retelling it to him. If you don’t understand something, he will make it closer to you. He is a great teacher.”

Branko, 23, Architecture student


“Despite my high proficiency and years of living in an English-speaking country, I doubt I would achieve the high results I had without taking classes with Stefan. The classes always went very well and in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Branko high-scored with 104 after only a few classes, with an amazing 28 in Speaking and 26 in Listening!