Here you can find basic information about the types of English lessons you can take with me.
I mainly help students prepare for TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language), but I also help people improve their communication, writing or listening in English in general, whether it is for business, academia or other personal goals.

There are three types of private TOEFL lessons you can chose from : individual TOEFL lessons, group TOEFL lessons (with up to 3 people total) and online lessons via Skype.


Individual TOEFL lessons are custom-tailored for every student according to his needs and abilities, helping the student develop the skills necessary to achieve full potential in preparing for the test.
Lessons usually last about 90 minutes(2×45 minutes) and help the student prepare in all four key areas of the test : Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.
Often the students have a stronger and a weaker side (e.g. speaking), these differences in ability are taken into consideration so that the student and teacher can both focus on the areas where most improvement is needed.

Group TOEFL lessons are a good way to work together with a friend(or friends) in preparing for the test and can prove to be a rewarding experience for the students involved.
I prefer to work in small groups(up to 3 people maximum) in order to have the time and space to focus attention to every student accordingly.
Apart from the number of people involved, the group lessons are of the same format and quality as the individual ones.

Online TOEFL lessons are conducted primarily via Skype. In structure and form, they are no different than individual TOEFL lessons conducted in real time and all the tips, tricks, exercises and advice offered in private individual lessons are also available online.
They are mainly favored by students who are from abroad and cannot physically be present for the lessons or students who find it difficult to find the time to attend real time classes.

If you are interested in taking TOEFL or any other type of English lessons , or if you have any questions, or simply wish to say ‘hello’, you can use the contact form!